About Encasa

Encasa Financial is a social purpose investment fund manager with a long-standing commitment to Responsible Investing (RI). We successfully manage the investment of capital reserves, security deposits, member share capital and operating reserves of social purpose non-profit organizations, co-operatives, and affordable housing providers.

Owned by Housing Services Corporation and the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada, Encasa provides customized, low-cost responsible investment solutions.

Encasa provides investors with access to professional money management and expert advice from individuals who hold deep-rooted expertise in the non-profit and investment industries. We offer customizable services to meet the unique needs and interests of investors, such as asset mix rebalancing, capital planning and reserve-driven investment solutions. We understand how to integrate investment planning with the unique needs of social purpose organizations and support their capital growth and liquidity needs.

For the many housing organizations who invest with us, investing your capital reserves and operating funds with Encasa means that the last month’s rents and member deposits you invest today will help you to fix roofs, replace windows and upgrade security systems tomorrow. For other non-profits and co-operatives, it means greater financial security and meeting future financial needs.

In short, we make your money work for you, just like we do for more than 800 of our investors.

Encasa Financial is the program administrator, fund manager and portfolio manager of the Encasa Funds. Worldsource Financial Management Inc. is the distributor of the units of the Encasa Funds. Please visit www.worldsourcefinancial.com to learn more about Worldsource Financial Management Inc.

Encasa is committed to providing investors with the opportunity for capital growth while adhering to the principles of responsible investing.