Fund FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to invest but for organizations looking to partner with experienced professionals who understand the challenges and issues within the affordable housing and not-for-profit industry, Encasa offers a deep-rooted, value-aligned service and products. We offer support and advice for our investors, and maintain low management fees for our funds.

Here’s how it works:

a) Your investment strategy starts with you.
Our experienced Investment Fund Advisors will meet with you to discuss your plans, goals, challenges and needs. We’ll assess your financial position, strategies, and business, and understand your risk tolerance. We will review your capital plan and integrate our funds accordingly or we will help you to create one.

b) We help you create an investment plan.
Our overall focus is on investing in companies that meet environmental, social and governance standards. We partner your goals with your risk tolerance to create an investment plan that works for you.

c) We are there for you.
We’ll review your investment plan regularly, and if any of your goals and/or needs have changed, will revise your plan. We are available to offer advice and answer questions in between. You will also receive access to our educational articles and quarterly newsletter.

The Encasa Funds are mutual funds and therefore, are fully liquid. Investors have access to their investments within 48 hours of providing notice. As an investor, you can add to your investment and withdraw funds at any time, at no cost to you.

Our investment program is accessible to a variety of investors. We accept a minimum investment as low as $1,000.

Our investors are comprised of affordable housing providers, co-operatives and other non-profit enterprises from across Canada. Our investors share a common mindset in that they want to prepare for future needs and expenditures using a low-cost, low-to-medium risk approach. Our investors want to protect and grow their capital reserves, without exposing themselves to undue risk.

Investors are looking for safe and secure management of their investments and recognize the value of a professional investment team in helping them to achieve their goals.

There is no evidence that using a Responsible Investment approach reduces returns to investors. Responsible Investment focuses investment on companies that have sound business practices and are well governed – these are the companies that generally create better returns for investors.

Investors receive a quarterly statement reviewing investment performance from Worldsource Financial Management Inc. In addition, investors have access to their account information on-line 24/7 through Worldsource InvestorNet. Encasa publishes news and information providing background on market conditions and how we are adjusting our approach to the changing market conditions.

Encasa Financial Inc. is the program administrator, fund manager and portfolio manager of the Encasa Funds. Worldsource Financial Management Inc. is the distributor of the units of the Encasa Funds. Please visit for further details.

Encasa is committed to providing investors with the opportunity for capital growth while adhering to the principles of responsible investing.