Have you Had Your Annual Investment Checkup?

2020 is here and with it comes an opportunity to complete an investment checkup. Revisiting your capital plan, and updating your investment goals and objectives are actionable steps that can help lead to success. While every investment plan is unique, here are three simple steps to keep in mind when reviewing your investment plan:

Mix it up.
As priorities may change over time, and as you make capital investments in your housing, it is a good practice to revisit your organizations’ capital reserve forecast annually. This forecast may change your investment goals, and therefore, the mix of investments in your portfolio.

The start of a new year is a good time to review your investments to determine if they need to be rebalanced. Your investment objectives may not change, but the different funds in your portfolio likely will grow at different rates – this means you should examine the mix of investments and rebalance the distribution of them among the different funds in your portfolio to make sure that you are in line with your investment goals and policy. Investors with Encasa can benefit from the advice of our experience investment fund advisers.

Update your records.
Start the new year of with a review your account statements and ensure that your paperwork is up to date. Keeping your records up-to-date is important, for both legal and practical reasons. If you are an investor with Encasa, be sure to inform us of any account changes, such as a change in signing officers, board members or staff.

Did you know that quarterly account statements can be accessed in three simple steps?
1. Visit the online Investor Portal
2. Login to your account using the “Investor Login” button in the top right corner
3. Navigate to the Document Tab and change document type to statements
a. Enter the year or month you wish to obtain and hit enter
b. Statements for that given month or year will populate and hit print to obtain your statement

If you would like to discuss rebalancing your investment mix, inform us of changes, or if you have any questions about Encasa Funds, please send an email to information@encasa.ca. Remember to track your progress throughout the year and reach out to us for help on how to be in great financial shape in 2020.