Getting to Know Neil Gin, Investment Analyst

As a Muay Thai enthusiast, Neil Gin knows a thing or two about the art of discipline; a practice that translates into his investment philosophy. Neil joined Encasa Financial in 2019 as an Investment Analyst, where he compiles and manages databases, conducts research, and produces financial reports. Find out below what’s one of the best pieces of investment advice he’s ever received, and get to know more about Neil.

Tell us a little bit about your background and experience.

I was born and raised in Toronto and graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University. During the summer breaks, I worked at PepsiCo, Adidas and Enterprise in sales, operations and management roles respectively. After graduating, I started a position in Investor Relations at Citco. A few years later, an opportunity presented itself at Encasa and I haven’t looked back since!

As an Investment Analyst at Encasa, what does your role at entail?

You’ll find me either working away on Excel conducting database maintenance or in our software building financial models. But in terms of day to day, I provide analytical support and conduct research for our Operations and Business Development Representatives. I also work with Marketing to update monthly marketing materials and generate ad hoc reports.

2020 was an interesting year in for investors. What were the lessons we’ve learned?

It definitely was an interesting year… 2020 has been anything but normal. Covid-19 created a global health crisis, disrupted the market and confined the majority of the population to their homes. However, I think the best lesson investors learned was both to be adaptive and to stick with a plan. At Encasa, we worked closely with our sub advisers, in which portfolio positioning, sector rotating and managing risk were all key components. Overall, with these three components in mind, we were able to stay competitive with our benchmarks in 2020.

What is the best piece of investment advice you have ever received?

“It’s not about timing the market, it’s about time in the market.” I believe this holds true, at least for me, for the younger generation. The power of compounding and yearly growth is attributed to the simple idea of holding over time. Patient investors often reap the rewards by allowing their investments to grow overtime.

If you weren’t working at Encasa, what would you be doing?

Those that know me know that I love Muay Thai! If I wasn’t working at Encasa, I would love to explore that avenue further. A dream of mine is to travel to Thailand one day and participate in a full training camp, and study the art and culture of Muay Thai.

Thanks, Neil! Visit our Encasa Team page to learn more about the Encasa Financial team.