Getting to Know Natalia Chikhacheva, Licensed Assistant

As a Licensed Assistant at Encasa Financial, Natalia Chikhacheva helps to facilitate day-to-day services for Encasa investors. With over 18 years in the financial services industry, Natalia’s role includes processing trades, account management and ensuring we have the most up to date information for investors. Find out below what financial advice she shares with her daughter and get to know more about Natalia.

Tell us a little bit about your background and experience. What inspired you to join Encasa?

I have been in the financial industry since 2002, working as an Operations Manager in retail and credit operations divisions in both domestic and international banks in Moscow, Russia. After moving to Canada in 2010, I focused on securing a job in the financial sector, outside of banking. New country, new role. I obtained my license as a life insurance advisor and landed my first job at Hub Financial. There, I acquainted myself with the investment industry and realized I enjoyed it.

Why Encasa? We practise Responsible Investing, which was a completely new concept to me at the time. After doing some research, I saw RI as a promising investment strategy as well as a lofty task, which has been winning more and more supporters around the world.

What does your role as Licensed Assistant entail? What is your favourite part of your job?

A Licensed Assistant’s role means facilitating clients’ day-to-day operations with investors’ funds they invest with us. This entails administrative support and client service like processing trades, opening new accounts, preparing investment statements, updating clients’ information, etc… Being able to help in a timely manner and hear “thank you” is definitely my most favourite part of the job.

What is the best thing you have learned in your current position?

Being aware of fraud attempts. It is vital to ensure you are handling requests from authorized personnel and email addresses. We are vigilant on this.

What is the best piece of investment advice you know?

Invest now. Don’t procrastinate. That is what I advise my 25-year old daughter.

If you weren’t working at Encasa, what would you be doing?

Living in Beautiful British Columbia offers many opportunities like skiing, hiking, or lying on the beach when the heat is overwhelming. I would definitely go on with yoga, dancing and ballet classes.

Thanks, Natalia! Visit our Encasa Team page to learn more about Natalia and the Encasa Financial team.