December 13, 2019

Today, Encasa Financial announced two changes to the Investment Program. In striving to communicate our product offering in a clear and simple manner, the decision was made to rename the Social Housing Investment Funds to the Encasa Investment Funds.

The following name changes are in effect as of December 13, 2019:

In addition, Series B units of the Canadian Short-Term Bond Fund, Canadian Bond Fund and Canadian Equity Fund have been redesignated to Series A units. As of December 13, Series B units will no longer be offered by Encasa, and all units are labeled as Series A units. Investors will not be affected by these changes and will not see any other change other than to unit prices and units held for Series B unitholders. These will now be the same as Unit A prices.

These changes will allow Encasa to better grow our market share in the investment business and to continue to provide the opportunity for capital growth to investors. Our goal is to ensure we provide investors with the lowest fees possible, and this remains a strategic focus for us. Growth of the Funds over time increases the efficiency of the Funds and keeps costs low.

Please review the below FAQs to learn more about the changes. Additionally, Fund documents will be available for viewing on our website by December 17, 2019. If you have any questions, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Encasa making these changes?
These changes will simplify our business, equalize the management fees for all investors and improve marketability of the Funds, which better position Encasa for growth.

What is the difference between Series A and Series B?
Series B was implemented in 2014 to distinguish between the original Ontario housing providers who are prescribed to invest into the Encasa Funds, are already invested in the Encasa Funds and are new unitholders.

Will this affect my account?
As an Encasa investor, you will not see any change to your account aside from all units will now be labeled as Series A units. Series B unitholders will see the price and number of units changed.

Will there be any changes to Encasa’s Management Expense Ratios?
As of December 13, 2019, there will be one Management Expense Ratio (MER) for all investors. This redesignation was made with the view to streamline management fees between Series A and Series B unitholders.

I own Series A units only. What will change for me?
Aside from the Fund name changes, there are no changes to your units.

I own Series B units only. What will change for me?
As of December 13, your units will comprise Series A units only. There will be a change in the price and number of units in your account.

How can I get more information on these changes?
Contact us by email at or call 1.888.791.6671 x.237.